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THD mainly focuses its researches, training and educational programs on the applications of the “Awareness Under Conscious Hypnosis (AUCH)” method in many different fields of medicine.

AUCH is founded by Husnu Ismet Ozturk, MD around 1951 as a conscious hypnosis method.  After that, Ali Ozden Ozturk, MD has renamed the method as Awareness Under Conscious Hypnosis method by making further studies and putting more emphasis on awareness for the applications and use of hypnosis and introduced the main principles of AUCH Method: “awareness, differentiation and feeling”.

AUCH has three steps: “MAYA, induction and auto-hypnosis”. Dr. Husnu Ismet Ozturk had originated the first step of conscious hypnosis method which means informing and taking consent of the patient in 1950s, so he highlighted the importance of “the acceptance of the patient”.  Then, Dr. Ali Ozden Ozturk renamed the first step as MAYA (Making Acceptance with Your Awareness) by reemphasizing “awareness and acceptance”.

It was Dr. Husnu Ismet Ozturk who had first used conscious hypnosis in Turkiye for the treatment of various illnesses including surgeries without any chemical analgesics and anaesthetics as being both hypnotist and surgeon. Today, Dr. Ali Ozden Ozturk, who had the post of ESH BOD membership between 2011-2014 and is the current President of THD, studies and applies this method in various fields of Medicine, while Dt. Ali Esref Muezzinoglu who is the past President of THD and who has received Kay F. Thompson Award for Clinical Excellence in Dentistry continues his studies in Dentistry.


  • 1. MAYA (Making Acceptance with Your Awareness)

MAYA (Making Acceptance with Your Awareness) step has been introduced by Dr. Ozturk in 1950’s to call attention to the significance of the patient’s approval of the treatment protocol in the early days of modern medicine when the acceptance of the patient was not yet appreciated that much. The main point in MAYA is to get the informed consent of the patient/client before applying Hypnosis.

  • 2. Induction

In this phase, the therapist, who approves that Hypnosis will be beneficial for the treatment, applies Hypnosis to the patient.  The patient gives informed consent and expresses willingness and trust for the use of Hypnosis, then the therapist uses different induction techniques and gives suggestions. AUCH aims to make changes in attention, perception, memory, emotions and senses for the purposes of achieving aimed therapeutic results.

In AUCH Method, “the eye-to-eye fixation and giving suggestions” is used as the main induction technique while other induction techniques could be benefited additionally during the therapy.

  • 3. Autohypnosis

In this third step, if the treatment method applied becomes successful providing the desired outcomes for the treatment, Autohypnosis is taught to the patient to maintain this learned and gained awareness, well-being and self-help ability/potential.

The therapist constitutes a treatment model specific to the patient by using proper suggestions, and then define this model and its meaning into a symbolic and identified key sign (autohypnotic key). So the patient can have access to the therapeutic effect and awareness gained through treatment by using this autohypnotic key whenever and wherever needed, but only under certain circumstances defined by the therapist.